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Innovate to Nourish (I2N) Myanmar Challenge 2021 | Eligibility Criteria ! – Kitchen Hub

Innovate to Nourish (I2N) Myanmar Challenge 2021 | Eligibility Criteria !

❓ Who can apply for I2N Myanmar Challenge 2021❓
✅ The company is a for profit company.
✅ The company produces and/or distributes nutritious products and/or services for local markets and for human consumption as part of its main business model in the following food value chains: fruits, vegetables & pulses; quality proteins (eggs, dairy, poultry, fish); alternative proteins (example insects); fortified staples and fortified blended foods; nuts and seeds; lean red meat; refined cereals and grains.
✅ The company is a financially viable business (i.e. the business model counts on sales revenues to cover all of the company’s expenses).
✅ The company is an MSME in the post-revenue stage that has generated revenues and turnover of less than USD 500,000.
✅ The company is presenting an innovative solution that aims to develop or adopt technological solutions that address one of the competition challenges.
📮 If you are interested to participate in I2N Myanmar Challenge, please apply here https://bit.ly/i2nmyanmarchallenge by September (5) 2021.
💡For more information about this program, head on to http://www.i2nmyanmarchallenge.com
📍For more detailed information about application process, please contact via phone: +95 (9) 9734 74141, +95(9) 9632 87912 (or) Email: yangon@impacthub.net