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Kitchen Hub is the first ever food incubator in Myanmar, providing facilities to develop or manufacture food products. At Kitchen Hub, we provide co-working space, training facilities, food lab for product development and a simple production facility for small batch productions.


Food Lab

Test and develop your recipes and formulas with the help of our in-house food technologist.


Small Batch Production

Manufacture your products using our multi-purpose processing facility, accommodating up to 13 processing methods.


Co-working & Event Space

Connect, collaborate and co-create innovative food products together with like-minded people through our networking platforms and trainings.

Agro-Processing Solution


Shan State is a region with high potential in agriculture. However, at present the lack of proper logistics and fragmented value chains make it difficult to link the supply and demand for many products. In harvesting season, the prices for fruits and vegetables are minimal, making it often not viable even to bring them to the market and a lot of the produce is lost. Also, there is a lack of local companies that are able to increase the added value of agricultural products in the Shan State. Therefore, a large potential for value addition, job creation and development are not utilized.

In order to addressed those challenges, Kitchen Hub will provide know-hows on agro-processing and food safety by empowering the local communities with resources required to manufacture high quality value added food products.


Products will meet following criterias


Diversified Products


Import Substitutions


Food Safety Certifications


High Quality Packaging

At Kitchen Hub, we empower entrepreneurs, startups and cottage businesses in food industry by providng capacity building and innovation through our enterprenuership support programs


Incubation Program


Our incubation program is designed to support entreprenuers with product ideas and simple recipes to further develop their business ideas into market ready products by providng intensive coaching on both product development and business model.


Acceleration Program


Our acceleration program is designed to support existing food businesses which are ready scale by providing mentorship and resources required to innovate their product and business model.


Weekend Classes


Weekend classes offers know-how on food processing and food safety for those who want to start their food business or polish their existing food products.

Other Programs & Workshops


At Kitchen Hub, we can provide customized programs that target specific group of beneficiaries within the community by providing knowledge and training on various food transformation processes, food safety procedures as well as business training such as financial literacy, marketing and branding.

These programs and workshops aim to achieve following outcomes:


Increase revenue of enterprises and increase household income for low-income beneficiaries


Promote food safety and innovation in food and agriculture sector


Promote import substitution and export products

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Go To Market Strategy


Access to the market is one of the biggest challenge with cottage business owners in the food industry due to limitation on product quality and certifications. Hence, Kitchen Hub will also provide necessary support for the products which is manufactured by the food entrepreneurs to have better market access.


Dedicated Shelf

By partnering with retailers, wholesalers and specialty shops, a dedicated food-startup shelf to display the products manufactured by Kitchen Hub's startups and enterpreneur will be provided at different locations to test the market before going into mass production.


Product Pitch

Pitching sessions allow food startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and business model infront of retailers, wholesalers, investors and industrial experts in order to make connections with potential buyers or investors.


Community Event

Our monthly events allows community of food startups and entrepreneurs to network with like-minded people while inspiring through engaging and powerful contents from experienced speakers. At these events, we discuss everything under the topics of food manufacturing, food processing technologies, food safety, latest food innovations and consumer trends.

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